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Last Updated: 9/18/2006 10:34 AM

The Bellaccino Mocha flavor is a good tasting coffee and milk drink that has a hint of cocoa flavor to the finish. It's definitely better than it's Frappuccino counterpart, with less burnt taste to the milk. Tully's Mocha is probably just as sweet though and it packs 210 calories per serving, so it's not for the dieter. Packaging is also on par with Starbucks Frappuccino, with the most obvious difference being that, well, it's not a Starbucks product. This is both an issue and an opportunity for the brand, but it's certainly not going to turn this product into an overnight success. Still, Tully's Mocha Bellaccino is creamy, full bodied, and refreshing -- despite its overly milky taste. We'd like to see a bit more emphasis on the coffee -- both in the branding and flavor -- as this would really differentiate it from other players in the space and, perhaps, give it a fighting chance against Starbucks who already worldwide coffee credibility.


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Coffee Drinks


9.5 fl oz (281ml) glass

Nutritional Info

Serving size: 1 bottle;
Amount per serving: Calories: 210;
Fat calories: 35;
Total fat: 4g;
Sat fat: 2.5g;
Trans fat: 0g;
Cholesterol: 20mg;
Sodium: 100mg;
Total carbs: 36g;
Sugars: 34g;
Fiber: 0g;
Protein: 6g;
Calcium: 25%


Fresh brewed Tully's coffee (water, coffee), milk fat and nonfat milk, sugar, maltodextrin, Dutch cocoa, pectin, natural flavors

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