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Last Updated: 6/23/2011 4:51 PM

The Diet Original Tea is a black tea that has been sweetened with sucralose and ace-k to achieve a zero calorie, sugar-free formulation. From a flavor perspective, it’s drinkable, but there is a noticeable artificial sweetener flavor to it. Really though, our issues are not with the flavor – it’s with the packaging. First, it looks way too similar to the non diet Original Sweet Tea, with only a difference of words and silver instead of gold accent colors. Simply put, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two from anything but up close. Second, we take issue with the “Naturally flavored with other natural flavors” claim that is made on the front of the label. This is not an all-natural product (it contains artificial sweeteners and preservatives). The wording, which seems rather redundant (wouldn’t “naturally flavored” suffice?) will certainly lead some consumers to believe that these products are all natural. While we cannot say that it was done to intentionally mislead or simply a rookie mistake, it’s something that should be addressed. Otherwise, this product is certainly a viable option when it comes to sugar free sweetened tea.


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