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Last Updated: 9/3/2008 10:44 AM

Of the three flavors of Upshot, this one has the sweetest and least tart flavor. On the other hand, it appears to have the least discernable fruit flavor, resulting in something that has a tropical meets raspberry meets a stiff dose of caffeine finish. Still, while this isn't Upshot's best work, it's still miles ahead of many of the medicinal or Red Bull style shots and energy drinks that it will inevitably be competing with. Packaging is clean and has pop, using a red toned label that is brighter than the other flavors. Lastly, the name "Fruit" doesn't seem to align with the other flavors, which are properly named 5Berry and Pomegranate (both references to "fruit," we might add). Overall, it's an enjoyable product that we'd probably rave about if 5Berry and Pomegranate didn't exist.


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Functional: Energy Shot


2.5 oz bottle

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