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Last Updated: 1/31/2013 11:17 AM

The “Chocolate Banana” variety of Urban Remedy is, assuming by the word “meal” on the label, designed to be a meal replacement beverage. Despite the front of the bottle listing cacao, banana, sprouted protein powder, and almond milk, this product has a host of other ingredients, including xanthan gum, chia, vanilla, and stevia. The product pours way too thick, to the point where you almost have to coax it out of the bottle. Flavor starts out good, but the gummy body and the flavor of stevia totally kill the experience for us. While we understand the desire to cut calories and sugar, this is far from a low calorie product. In our opinion, sticking with a less processed formulation (aka lose the gums and stevia) would make this product much more enjoyable. On the outside, we like what they’ve done, with chocolate and banana being something that’s easy to understand and very marketable. Adding a mention of the product’s use of stevia (to warn buyers) and chia seeds (which should draw some buyers in) would be a good idea, in our opinion. Overall, we like the concept, but we don’t like the execution of what’s inside the bottle -- it seems to be straddling rather than committing.


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