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Last Updated: 1/31/2013 11:17 AM

As far as green juices go, this is about as tame as they get thanks to cucumber and mint being where the green color comes from. In terms of flavor, this is another stevia free combination, with cucumber, mint, ginger, apple, and lemon being the only ingredients. The cucumber flavor is very much the dominant flavor, with the other flavors providing subtle notes in the background. That said, we’d like a bit more of them, especially the mint and ginger. Visually, this variety follows the same format as their other juice cleanse products. This time around, they’ve used a green accent color for the label, which, like on the other flavors, matches the color of the liquid. However, we can’t say that word “Flush” helps the overall appeal of the product (this being a food product, first and foremost). Otherwise, we think the aesthetic treatment of the logo and label have a nice blend of handmade and professional (although the application of the label could certainly use some improvement). Overall, a great start that could only be improved by enhanced positioning.


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16oz Plastic

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