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Last Updated: 1/31/2013 11:18 AM

Featuring only four ingredients (water, raspberries, chia seeds, and stevia), the flavor of this product is quite straightforward. It starts off with a tart and potent hit of raspberries followed by some chew from ground chia seeds before finally finishing up with some sweetness from the added stevia. The first two parts of this drink, the raspberries and the chia, are quite enjoyable, but the use of stevia is simply perplexing. For starters, it ruins the natural simplicity of the flavor, which is, at least for the rest of the raw juice category, the key differentiator in flavor for these products over more processed juices. Second, it does not make this a low calorie or carb product. So, why not just use more juice to sweeten the product? As it stands right now, we have a hard time believing that there is a market for a 230 calorie and 36g of carbs product that features stevia. From a visual and positioning point of view, we really like what they’ve done. Chia is a very timely ingredient, while raspberries are both a familiar flavor and something that give the product its bright pink/red color. However, we’re sure that some consumers will see this product and its presumably high price tag only to be disappointed by the stevia. Overall, we like the concept a lot, but its choice of ingredients is a big letdown.


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