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Last Updated: 9/14/2009 9:40 AM

Mango Lime is the second flavor to be added to the ViB lineup. It, too, is a relaxation drink, with B vitamins, amino L-theanine, L-threonine, and lycii berry (aka goji berry) making up the functional mix. In this case, they’ve increased the levels of L-theanine and L-threonine, but the package doesn’t offer an explanation as to what difference this will make. That being said, consumers will likely choose which flavor and package design they like better. As for the flavor, this variety delivers an enjoyable fruit flavor with a mild vitamin and sweetener aftertaste. While it’s definitely drinkable, it could probably be more accurate in terms of actually tasting like mango and lime. Right now, it would probably be more accurately named “tropical citrus.” Packaging has a look that fits with what the drink is all about, complete with a vibrant photo of a tropical beach. On this variety, they’ve switched up the location of the flavor and also added an accent graphic of a lime, which makes for an inconsistent look between the two products. Hopefully, they’ll choose one approach for both varieties in the future. Overall, it’s a good entry, but we’d choose the Pomegranate Berry flavor over this one.


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Functional: Relaxation Drink


12 oz aluminum bottle

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