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Last Updated: 4/8/2014 10:57 AM

The Detox formulation is a blend of cranberry juice (20 percent), flax meal and filtered water. What’s noticeably missing is any sweetness, which makes for something that is closer in flavor to an herbal tea than a juice. At the front of the flavor there’s a sharp tart note, but after that, the product is surprisingly mild and smooth. The added flax gives the product an earthy note, while the water-heavy blend definitely makes for something that’s thirst-quenching. As part of a cleanse, this product certainly makes sense, but it’s otherwise hard to see this being a big seller versus Vibrant Earth's other flavors. The company could probably improve things slightly by removing the word “unsweetened” that’s atop “cranberry juice” -- this is something that almost instantly reduces the appeal of this drink to the senses. Otherwise, we like the concept of a Detox flavor and the product is aesthetically clean to the eye. Overall, it’s a unique product, but one that feels very niche.


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