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Last Updated: 4/8/2014 10:57 AM

Sweet & Spice is one of the simpler blends of Vibrant Earth. It utilizes a high pressure processed blend of apple, carrot, strawberry, ginger, and flax oil, all of which are organic ingredients. The flavor of the product is, as the name so accurately states, sweet and spicy. The apple and strawberry flavor has a nice tart and tang to it, while the carrots add a subtle vegetable note that basically bridges the gap between the spice of the ginger. And that’s pretty much it -- straightforward and enjoyable flavor that really showcases the fruit and vegetable ingredients. Visually, you can say the same thing about this product. What the company created is easy to understand, whets the appetite, and is cleanly designed. However, we still feel as though the product would stand out more if the logo were given slightly larger billing. Lastly, gaining organic certification for the product (it already uses organic ingredients) would certainly help with its marketability. Overall, we like the simplicity and execution of this product.


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