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Last Updated: 8/6/2010 11:08 AM

Featuring the brightest colored liquid of the brand, Vibranz Blood Orange flavored kombucha is a well-executed product that successfully pairs the tart flavor of blood orange and fermented flavor of kombucha. It’s a relatively mild tasting product compared to kombucha drinks of old, with a light, almost watered down, fruit flavor that’s followed by a mild bodied hit of kombucha's acidity. There’s not too much sweetness to it and no carbonation. To that end, this is a product that you can drink very quickly in comparison to other kombucha products that we’ve sampled. While this seemingly expands the potential base of consumers for this product, we’re not quite sure how hardcore kombucha enthusiasts will react. Packaging is, like the other varieties, a 16 oz. proprietary glass bottle. It’s a nice looking bottle, with the yellow colored label popping nicely against the red backdrop provided by the liquid. Plus, it’s very easy to read and understand, which is always a plus. Again, our only negative for the product is the cheap filling to the paper label, which bubbles and retains any moisture that it comes in contact with. Overall, a good flavor, but we prefer some of the other Vibranz varieties that have a bit more pop.


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Tea: Herbal and Alternative, Tea: Kombucha


16 oz Glass

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