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Last Updated: 8/6/2010 11:11 AM

There are two ginger flavored varieties of Vibranz Kombucha, Lemon Ginger, this flavor, and straight Ginger. Of the two, this is definitely the better tasting, with a slightly sweeter flavor profile and the citrus flavor of the lemon juice making for a more palatable product. Compared with kombucha products that were pulled from the shelves earlier in 2010, Vibranz’s Lemon Ginger Kombucha has less of that fermented taste and carbonation and more flavor from the added ingredients. We’re big fans of the blend that they’ve created, with a nice punch of ginger and sharp citrus finish making for a very flavorful product. This ultimately should make it more mainstream, while still maintaining the drink’s raw probiotic content. Of course, the one other side effect of a raw product is that it separates very quickly – so constant shaking is required. Functionally, there’s the drink’s probiotic content, which, among other things, can definitely help with hydration due to its lactic acid content. Packaging is a 16 oz. proprietary bottle, which has a rather simple paper label affixed to it. It feels like something that belongs in the health and natural channel, which is exactly where this product is being sold. The label is minimalist, but earthy, with clean illustrations and type treatment. However, the label, which appears to be paper, reacts to moisture, so it can get a slightly messy look from bubbling. Overall, though, a very enjoyable kombucha product.


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