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Last Updated: 10/30/2013 10:33 AM

With coconut water being all the rage and coconut being a relatively popular flavor trend, the combination of coconut and almond does, at least conceptually, make sense. However, given that the coconut flavor for this product is derived from flavoring and the almond flavor comes from almond extract, the two flavors seem to be in competition for who will win out. The resulting flavor is, for better or worse, a bit heavy handed on the coconut for our liking. In terms of the design, we really like the look of the new label. They’ve done a nice job of addressing some of our concerns (like the lack of visual differences between the flavors), while also making the brand seem much more appealing. Plus, we like the type treatment on the word “coconut,” which is larger than on the other flavors, and the use of a coconut image. That being said, this flavor definitely feels like it has the strongest visual presence of the three varieties. Definitely worth a try.


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