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Last Updated: 10/30/2013 10:33 AM

Not only has the original variety of Almond Water been given a makeover, but it has also been given a slight new twist: added rose flavor. Whatever the company did to the formulation, it’s for the better, with a flavor that tastes more complex than the first rendition that we tried (which tasted simply like water, sugar and almond extract). It doesn’t taste overly floral, which is a good thing in our opinion, with the vanilla and rose working in unison to create a smooth, light flavor. Plus, it definitely tastes more like a flavored water than it did the first go around, which seems more in line with how the product is positioned. Packaging has been given a nice upgrade as well, with a full wrap label that delivers a clean and appealing vintage look. It also addresses one of the big concerns that we had with the original rendition of the brand -- hat all three flavors looked almost identical. Overall, a big step forward for the product.


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