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Last Updated: 1/14/2014 11:48 AM

The first flavor of Vim + Vigor that we sampled was this one, which is coincidentally named “No. 1.” This variety incorporates cucumber, apple, celery, romaine, spinach, kale and lemon, all of which are certified organic ingredients. From a flavor perspective, this is pretty much your most basic green juice, and it's similar to what you'll find in almost every cold-pressed juice line out there. This is not a necessarily bad (or good) thing; it's just that the flavor of this product alone won't be a draw since you can find the same flavor in other juice brands. Still, the execution seems pretty solid, and as far as HPP juices are concerned, this is a great start for Vim + Vigor. Packaging is really where the product stands out, at least to the extent that it uses a bottle shape that we haven’t previously seen in the category. The design of the label and branding definitely seems geared towards the cleanse consumer. The product doesn't have a flavor name (just a number), which requires new customers to really read the label, while repeat customers must remember the number of the variety that they like. Furthermore, the vibe of the brand and front panel text, which reads “detoxify + alkalize,” doesn’t really do much to whet the palate. This could certainly be an issue when the product is on a shelf next to more personable and approachable brands. Overall, it’s a nice start and a well-executed product, but evolving the brand to better connect with consumers would probably help it out.


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