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Last Updated: 1/15/2013 12:52 PM

Vinki is an all natural juice beverage made with apple cider vinegar that’s being positioned as a digestive health beverage. It’s made with a 40 percent juice blend of blueberry and pear juices, which imparts a straightforward and refreshing fruit flavor on the drink. The addition of apple cider vinegar definitely accentuates the tartness of the drink, while also adding a vinegar flavor and aroma to the product. As far as vinegar based drinks go, this is as good as it gets, with a flavor that still ultimately tastes like juice (although the vinegar flavor will take some getting used to). Since we first sampled this beverage, the label has been given a makeover, with a dark background being swapped out for a white one. It’s definitely a step forward for the brand, with the new design have a more modern and good for you feeling. Still, we’re not overly fond of the name “Vinki,” which rolls off your tongue in a way that doesn’t exactly whet the palate. Overall, it’s definitely an improved product, but it’s not totally there yet.


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