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Last Updated: 6/23/2011 4:48 PM

Compared with the sugar sweetened version of Dr. Better that’s also available, Zero Dr. Better is simply not as good. Using stevia as its sweetener, there’s a heavy note of that stevia flavor in the mix that lingers on for a while. It also overpowers a good deal of the drink’s flavor, which makes this product not so enjoyable to consume (it’s definitely not as good as Diet Dr Pepper – although it is all-natural). Unlike the regular Dr. Better, this variety has caffeine, which should add some appeal to certain consumers. Packaging is a 12 oz. longneck glass bottle, which, aside from having different text to denote that it’s zero calorie, has a completely different format than its counterpart (maybe they are in the middle of a label change?). While it is definitely cleaner and more visually appealing, we’re still not convinced that it should have the standard Virgil’s graphics on its label. Overall, this product doesn’t really do it for us.


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Carbonated Soft Drink: Diet


12 oz Glass

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