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Vita Coco’s Lemonade variety is a not-from-concentrate coconut water that is perhaps the company's most mainstream offering to date. Blending lemon puree, which has a pretty assertive flavor, with coconut water and fruit sugar results in something that tastes much more like lemonade than coconut water. To that end, consumers don't necessarily need to care for lemonade to enjoy this product. And if they do, this product is definitely a new experience compared to the countless other flavors that have already been added to coconut water. That being said, we think it’s a pretty successful blend, with a classic summertime flavor that’s tart and moderately sweet. The coconut water adds a very slight saltiness to the body of the drink, while at the drink’s finish it is slightly more pronounced. If there are any critics of this product, it might be the hardcore coconut water consumer who may find the lemonade flavor a bit too strong. But as a drink that’s clearly going for mass appeal, we think it’s very well done. We’d say the same for the packaging, which is cut from the same cloth as the rest of the Vita Coco line. Interestingly enough, the company opted not to focus on the image of a lemon, but instead for a graphic that looks like a homemade sign from a lemonade stand. While it might not whet the palate the same way that a picture of a lemon does, it is a very intuitive-looking package. Overall, Vita Coco Lemonade is an excellent line extension that should definitely have wide appeal.


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