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Last Updated: 8/7/2013 11:19 AM

Vital Juice's Grapefruit variety is a very simple and straightforward blend of grapefruit and mint. In terms of the flavor, it is exactly that: grapefruit and mint. It’s quite tart tasting (as grapefruit is) with a mild, but pleasant amount of natural sweetness. The mint hits you on the finish, providing an earthy note that cuts the otherwise acidic finish. Ultimately, we appreciate that the company left these two ingredients to deliver the flavor that they are known for -- nothing else is really needed. On the design and packaging end of things, we like Vital Juices' slim 16 oz. bottle. The company has also done a nice job with the logo, which has a clean and professional look to it. The lower portion of the bottle, on the other hand, seems like it could use a little bit of refinement. The ring of rectangles that goes around the bottle is a slightly distracting visual element that doesn’t completely go with the top or the bottom. Eliminating the lines (and just have a solid band) might help, as would moving it below the flavor name. Still, putting minor tweaks aside, this is a very stellar and enjoyable beverage. Definitely worth a try.


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