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Last Updated: 8/7/2013 11:19 AM

Ever have trouble deciding between green juice and almond milk? Well, you are in luck -- Vital Juice has combined the two into one bottle (the company has also done this with some of its other flavors, including carrot and beet varieties). This (and the other “w/ almond”) varieties are certainly some of the more creative and innovative varieties to make their way into this brand. But how does it taste? Well, it’s definitely something different, with notes of cucumber, apple, ginger, lemon and almond being the primary flavors that we taste. Admittedly, we found that the flavor of this product took a little getting used to, but after a few sips, we started growing pretty fond of this product. Plus, it’s nice to get the benefits of green juice and an almond milk in one bottle. The package for this variety is the same 16 oz. slim plastic bottle that is used for the entire Vital Juice line. However, the label differences between the two greens flavors (one has almonds and the other doesn’t) are too few to the point where it would be very easy for a consumer to mix up the two. Coming up with some sort of uniform designation for the “w/ almond” varieties would be one approach that might work. Otherwise, we like the look of the branding and design. Overall, this is one of the more unique flavors in the Vital Juice brand and, despite a few labeling flaws, it’s one that’s quite enjoyable.


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16oz Plastic

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