Vitaminwater 10

by glacéau, Inc.

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Vitaminwater 10

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

it all started when one thirsty man named darius wanted better water but couldn't find any worth drinking -- so he decided to make his own. word got around, thus emerged glacéau, a fresh new approach to bottled water. today, glacéau is a leader in the bottled water industry and the pioneer of the enhanced water category -- maker of vitaminwater®, #1 bottled water in the united states, smartwater®, #1 premium bottled water in the united states, and vitaminwater10, the perfect low-calorie combination. glacéau is all about helping thirsty people like you responsibly hydrate with something truly good for your body. for more information visit

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To answer the question that everyone’s been asking, this product does not taste as good as regular V...

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