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Last Updated: 5/10/2011 3:31 PM

Vivaloe’s Honeydew Aloe is one of the more unique tasting aloe vera drinks that we’ve sampled. For starters, the blend is cut with stevia, which is presumably a move to cut calories and carbs. Second, the pairing of honeydew and aloe vera is an original flavor combination – and it works pretty well. Aside from the slight chew to the added pulp, there’s also a note of apple, but it’s a little too strong for our liking. The stevia is undetectable up until the finish, which leaves a lingering note of the sweetener. And at 140 calories per bottle (vs. 160 for the other stevia free flavors), the benefits are hard to realize. Packaging is a square hot fill bottle, which is similar to just about every other aloe drink on the market today. However, they’ve created one of nicer looking labels, with a clean look that definitely has a vibe of good for you. Lastly, there’s the brand name, which we think consumers might stumble on (is it “Viv-Aloe”, “Viva-Aloe”, or “Viva-loe”). Overall, it’s an enjoyable entry, but we’re on the fence as to whether or not this product can build a loyal following.


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