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Last Updated: 5/10/2011 3:31 PM

Vivaloe’s “Original Aloe” variety features a blend of aloe vera, honey, and sugar (with other ingredients), which results in a cleaner flavor than the two flavored varieties. There’s a nice note of honey in the product, which pairs well with the aloe vera (they might want to consider calling it Honey Aloe). And that’s really all there is to this product’s flavor, aside from the unique consistency of the aloe vera pulp. Compared with some of the other aloe drinks that we’ve sampled, Vivaloe Original has a light mouth feel, which we think will help it appeal to a broader base of consumers. The pulp is still going to be a roadblock for some, but fortunately for Vivaloe that’s an issue for the competition, as well. Packaging is a 16.9 oz. square bottle, which they’ve given a soothing and clean look. It fits well for this type of product, which is ultimately trying to translate the soothing benefits of aloe vera into liquid form. Overall, it’s very enjoyable and definitely one of the better aloe vera entries out there.


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16.9 oz PET

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