Vuel Sports Rejuvenation Sports Drink

by Tandem Rain Innovations, Inc.

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

TandemRain Innovations™, the exclusive marketer of Sports Rejuvenation™ products featuring ActivMSM™, have announced the launch of Vuel™ and Extreme Vuel™, making their debut as the latest flavor-packed energy drinks to combine hydrating electrolytes and joint-health supporting MSM all in one bottle. These revitalizing beverages come in several delicious varieties, and are fortified with MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), iron and glucosamine, to address specific aspects of wellness such as joint function, mobility and energy.

Vuel goes beyond the traditional sidelines of your everyday energy drinks, and delivers a bold synergy of glucosamine and MSM. Glucosamine has been widely used to augment the repair of joint cartilage in active individuals, and shown to be especially beneficial in aiding the prevention of joint deterioration and loss of movement. Extreme Vuel, a bold caffeinated version of Vuel, provides athletes and active individuals with the extra boost needed to reach beyond their limitations.

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