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Last Updated: 11/2/2009 9:19 AM

The Lemon flavor of Vuel’s Sports Rejuvenation is a reduced calorie glucosamine (and methylsulfonylmethane) enhanced sports drink. Sweetened with sucralose and crystalline fructose (sugar), the product has a full strength level of sweetness but only 35 calories and 7g of sugar per serving. It has that salty flavor that is typical of sports drinks (from the added electrolytes) and the lemon flavor is also pretty much on part with competing sports drinks. From a functional point of view, emphasis on the joints is a good way to differentiate and add value, as is a lower calorie profile. While we can’t speak to the product’s ability to aid in joint health, the product is quenching, although there’s a touch of sweetener flavor to the finish. On the packaging and branding front, the product has a nice look from afar, but upon closer inspection, it’s somewhat hard to make sense of what this product’s focus is. Really, it comes down to the placement of phrases like “Joint Health” and “sports rejuvenation,” which are placed off to the side using small font sizes. The result is a product that could easily be construed as just another sports drink. And if that’s the case, we’re not crazy about the name “Vuel,” which sounds odd as it rolls off your tongue. More importantly, it’s a name that doesn’t really add thing or inspire the consumer. Adding some more personality to the brand is what we’d like to see. Overall, it tastes nice and has the potential to be different, but right now the product looks like something that could be passed over.


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