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Last Updated: 1/3/2012 12:54 PM

Vuka Zo-Cal Orange is a non-carbonated energy drink that is enhanced with natural caffeine, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and zinc. The orange flavor tastes like the standard orange flavoring used in many other beverages. The formulation uses stevia as the only sweetener, which gives the product a somewhat harsh aftertaste. Otherwise, we don’t really understand why this variety is the only non-carbonated flavor -- it seems like it would taste better if it had some carbonated bite to it. Functionally, the product is on par with other energy drinks out there in terms of caffeine content (80mg), but the sub function of “awaken” doesn’t seem to add anything to the product (it’s not clear what it is). On the packaging front, the use of a shiny silver 16 oz. metallic bottle gives the product a visual point of differentiation and a modern vibe. However, it makes the text on the back (which explains what makes Vuka diferent) hard to read. Otherwise, we’d like to see more emphasis on the flavor and less on the sub function. Overall, the packaging is nice looking and adds a point of differentiation, but this product would definitely benefit from improvement to the flavor.


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