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The “Energy” variety of Water Sensations is a citrus-flavored liquid water enhancer that comes in a 0.22 oz. patent pending “LiquiPack,” each packaged in a box of ten units. The product, which is intended to be mixed with one 16.9 oz. bottle of water (or 2 cups of water), is sweetened with stevia (hence the “naturally sweetened” call-out on the container) and delivers a dose of 100mg of caffeine per packet. From a flavor perspective, the product is quite tasty, especially when you consider that it is a zero-calorie product. The citrus flavor is pleasing the palate, with a mellow sweetness and a light bite to the finish. It’s definitely the type of product that we could come back for again. Functionally, the product has, in addition to the caffeine that we previously mentioned, B vitamins and potassium. And of the brand's three flavors, we seeing this one as being most successful -- the other two don’t have functionality as immediate as 100mg of caffeine. Visually, the design has some elements that are appealing, but the actual brand “Water Sensations” needs more visual emphasis. As it stands right now, it seems at odds with the water drop design. So, while we think that the imagery is memorable, the name itself is not. Developing more of a logo -- or integrating the name with the waterdrop -- would be helpful. Otherwise, we wish that we could see the individual units through the box (or at least an image of one on the box). We really like the company's LiquiPack package, but you have to take a leap of faith and purchase what is otherwise an unassuming (and unexciting) box of ten. Overall, we like the concept, the flavor, and the design of the packet, but there’s still some work to be done on the greater branding and package design as a whole.


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