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Last Updated: 4/21/2009 1:33 PM

Made with “raw” ingredients that include organic young coconut water, juices (pineapple, pear, goji, pomegranate, acai, bilberry and others), and herbal ingredients. The drink is sweetened with agave, which is also predigested by the live enzymes from the organic young coconut water. The resulting beverage has natural carbonation and the flavor of slightly fermented coconut water. There’s also a slightly fruity note to the finish, which pairs well with the bite from the fermentation. The complexity of the flavor is extremely impressive, especially with the drink’s light body and nutritional benefits as a probiotic drink. Plus, with only 45 calories, vitamins, fiber, electrolytes, and protein, it’s one of the most well rounded drinks we can remember sampling. Packaging is the same 12 ounce bottle used throughout the line, although the black backdrop makes it stand out amongst the other flavors. It also helps readability, which was an issue with some of the other flavors. Lastly, we like the use of the word “energy”, which is something that should add a bit of marketability to this flavor. Overall, this was our favorite flavor of the line.


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