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Last Updated: 8/12/2005 1:28 PM

Wide Open Performance Energy Drink is one of those products that should never seen the light of day. The can is overly busy and contains a lot of meaningless text (e.g. "ehnanced formula energy drink"), creating an appearance that you'd be likely to pass over in a store cooler. As far as the taste goes, it's hard to figure out exactly what this product is trying to be. There are a variety of flavors present -- stock energy drink, a little citrus, and something that resembles a light peach -- but none of them are pleasing to the mouth. Overall, this is a weak effort on the part of the manufacturer. We hope that energy drinks aren't the only thing that they do.


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Product Type

Functional: Energy Drink: Regular


8.3 fl oz (246 ml) can

Nutritional Info

Serving size: 1 can;
Amount per serving: Calories: 120;
Total carbs: 27g;
Sugars: 27g;
Sodium: 55mg;
Vitamin A: 1,250 IU (25%);
Vitamin B1: 0.38mg (25%);
Vitamin B2: 1.7mg (100%);
Vitamin B3: 20mg (100%);
Vitamin B6: 2mg (100%);
Vitamin B12: 6mcg (100%);
Vitamin B5: 10mg (100%);
Vitamin C: 30mg (50%);
Vitamin E: 7.5 IU (25%);
Proprietary Blend: 600mg (Taurine, caffeine, green tea leaf, D-ribose, guarana (seed), L-carnitine, panax ginseng (root))


Filtered water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavors, sodium citrate, caramel color, ascorbic acid, niacinamide, vitamin E acetate, D-calcium pantothenate, vitamin A palmitate, pyridoxine HCL (vitamin B6), Riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamin mononitrate (vitamin B1), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12)

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