Berry Seedless Chia Water


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Last Updated: 2/24/2014 1:52 PM

While this product’s lemon/lime-flavored sibling had a pretty decent limeade taste to it, the Berry flavor tastes very much like flavoring rather than fruit. That said, we’re really not sure why the company opted to sweeten the product with agave, which is an expensive ingredient, as opposed to putting some fruit juice in it. Furthermore, we have a hard time believing that consumers will look past the sweetener simply to get added chia seed oil. Competing products often include a vicious texture or the visibility of added chia -- which can be off-putting to some consumers, but they definitely beat this drink on flavor. Unfortunately, they also beat this product on branding and packaging. While the background and the picture of berries are fine, the label, which is printed on non-waterproof paper, feels overly technical in both name and execution of the design. Making it more personable and fun (it’s a beverage after all) would definitely help it against the competition. Overall, we think there’s an opportunity for a product like this, but it definitely needs work.


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