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Last Updated: 2/24/2014 1:52 PM

The Lemon Lime flavor of Xiomega’s Seedless Chia Water is a straightforward tasting product that is sweetened with agave. Fortified with chia seed oil, rather than seeds or ground chia, the product has no detectable taste of chia. That said, the product inside the bottle has a pretty basic lemon-limeade flavor. While it contains a premium sweetener, the beverage contains no juice, which is definitely a disappointment. This both dampens the quality of the flavor and likely loses any consumer who thinks to turn the bottle around and read the label. And we’d bet that a significant percentage of chia consumers will do exactly that. On the packaging front, we think there’s a lot of work left to do. The flimsy paper label falls apart with the slightest bit of moisture, while the design lacks a dominant element and something that’s obviously a logo. It definitely lacks the curb appeal that you’ll find in other lemonades and chia drinks. Overall, it’s a drinkable product, but with so many other options out there, we think that Xiomega will have to up its game to compete.


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