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Last Updated: 1/24/2014 11:44 AM

Xumma Semi Sweet Cola is a product that was designed, as the name clearly states, to be a less sweet cola. And a less sweet cola is exactly what it is, with 80 calories and 21g of sugar per 12 oz. bottle. The flavor of Xumma teeters right at the point where it would be too dry if the company made it any less sweet than it currently is. Carbonation and cola flavor are definitely in line with what we think is needed to reach a mainstream drinker. In addition, this product has 46mg of natural caffeine added to its formulation, so you’ll still get that slight kick that you’ll find in the big cola brands. If there’s anything we’d consider changing about this product’s formulation, it would be to lose the phosphoric acid (this will help it with the natural channel). On the outside, the look of the product is clean and, thanks to the bright green accent color, definitely pops. However, the name “Xumma” combined with “semi sweet cola” -- to us -- sounds like a diet beverage. Beyond that, it might be challenging to have a single focus on cola, which is traditionally an area where upstart brands (as well as larger entrants) have struggled to gain traction. Fortunately, we think that the Xumma concept could be applied to other flavors -- there’s definitely room for more brands in the larger “less sweet” category. Still, what the company has created is a nice start, and if we are going to reach for a cola, this would definitely be a product we’d consider.


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