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Xyience's entry into the shot category is a particularly good one, starting with a very pleasant cranberry raspberry flavor that's delivered in a non-carbonated format. From a functional point of view, this shot has some serious kick, blending caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, ginseng, and guarana. As a result, there's a mild amount of energy "bite" to the shot, but it's not something that would keep us from consuming this shot again. Packaging has been given a pleasing look, with prime placement of Ultimate Fighting Championship logo (which this is the official energy shot of) on the front panel. Otherwise, the dark red, black, and silver hues give the package a look that stands out from many of the other products out there. Our only comment is that the flavor name could be a bit larger as this might help the consumer identify this product as having an original flavor. Overall, a very strong entry from Xyience.


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Functional: Energy Shot


3 fl oz

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