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Last Updated: 1/19/2012 4:12 PM

The latest flavor extension to ZICO’s Pure Premium Coconut Water line is also their most ambitious to date: Chocolate. Using a base of (from concentrate) coconut water, coconut cream, cocoa, vanilla, and carrageenan, the product tastes more like a chocolate drink than a coconut water variety; the coconut flavor is very much a secondary flavor, with the coconut cream seeming to be the place where most of the coconut flavor is coming from. In our tests, we found ZICO Chocolate to have a very unique and, well, addictive flavor. Nutritionally, the product has a reasonable 110 calories per 14 oz bottle, 32 percent less sugar than some competing fruit flavored coconut waters, and it’s loaded with electrolytes (20 percent more than other ZICO flavors). Packaging, which is, at the time of review, not 100 percent complete, the same as the other ZICO PET varieties with the flavor callout coming via text and color differences. What we like about this product’s package is that it is both easily recognizable as a coconut water and a chocolate drink, giving it two places that it can compete. Overall, we really enjoyed ZICO Chocolate, both for its innovative qualities and its high-quality execution of a tough flavor maneuver.


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Juice: Coconut Water and Juice


14 oz. PET

Nutritional Info

Calories 110, Fat 2g, Sodium 160mg, Potassium 680mg, Sugar 18g, Protein 1g


100% natural coconut water from concentrate, cane sugar, coconut cream, cocoa powder, natural flavor, carrageenan

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