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Last Updated: 1/19/2012 11:18 AM

The most recent flavor of ZICO’s Pure Premium Coconut Water shows a lot of promise for what we might see in the future from ZICO. Since the launch of their bottled line, which is made in the USA using coconut water concentrate, the flavors have gotten progressively better. And their latest, Tao Mango, is a very enjoyable and well formulated product. This time around, they’ve paired their coconut water with, as the name suggests, mango flavoring. It’s a really simple and straightforward tasting product, but again, that’s the result of proper flavor work (we’ve tasted a lot of bad mango flavors in our day). The coconut water and mango flavor work in harmony together, with neither one taking full control over your palate (we call that “balance”). It’s sweet, but not too sweet, making this a product that one could definitely consume during or after physical activity. And with the natural electrolytes, we’re sure that’s exactly what consumers will be doing with this product. On the outside, we like the look of the bottle, with a clean and easy to read front panel. Honestly, the only thing we question is the necessity of the word “tao” – coconut water itself already feels exotic enough and it’s just one more thing to think about when scanning the cooler shelves. Nit picking aside, this is a very strong effort from ZICO -- definitely at the top of this brand.


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