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While it is a very nice tasting beverage, ZOLA’s Acai with Blueberry is just a little too similar to their Acai Original product. It has the same base acai flavor (complete with a slight amount of pulp to the finish) and 24mg of caffeine, but the blueberry flavor creates only the subtlest of differences in flavor. Increasing the blueberry flavor, or perhaps even choosing a different fruit flavor, might help it achieve an identity of its own. On the packaging front, we’d say the same thing, with blueberries scattered throughout a pile of acai berries looking similar, especially from afar, to the Acai Original. However, if we were to consider this package by itself, it is still a very nice looking, polished design. Overall, a very enjoyable product, but creating more variation from Acai Original would definitely be an improvement.


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