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Like the other ZOLA flavors, Acai with Pomegranate uses a 93 percent juice blend (acai pulp, cane juice, pomegranate juice), which delivers a very bold and natural fruit taste. Compared with the Original variety, this product has a much more tart body, no surprise given the use of pomegranate juice. However, it’s a very balanced mix, with just the right amount of acai and pomegranate. USDA Organic certification is a plus, especially since some of ZOLA’s competitors also are certified organic. The only other thing of note about the formulation is the addition of guarana, which gives the product 24mg of caffeine (about 1/3 of typical energy drink) per serving. Again, they’ve done a really nice job with the packaging, creating something that is easy to read, visually appealing, upscale, and approachable. That being said, we think that this package definitely will have broad appeal. Definitely one of the more enjoyable acai drinks that we’ve sampled in recent memory.


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