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Last Updated: 5/30/2014 11:50 AM

Of the two fruit-flavored offerings from Zoos Greek Iced Tea, we preferred the Lemon variety. What we like about this one is that it feels like an enhancement to the original -- you can still very much taste the herbal tea base (which comes from Sideritis). To that end, the lemon adds something that’s familiar, which probably makes it the best flavor for the brand to sample first time consumers with. Still, the base flavor, which we’d describe as being similar to white tea, is enjoyable, so it doesn’t really need anything more than an accent flavor. Beyond that, the company has sweetened the product with cane sugar (12g per 8 oz.), which is just the right level for the product to be sweet, but not too sweet. Packaging is a 16 oz. stock PET bottle. The label looks nice, especially with the lemon graphic on the front. We would, however, like to see the leaf that’s on the Original label make its way into the other two. Finally, we’re not convinced that trying to make “Greek” synonymous with iced tea is the right way to go. Overall, the Lemon flavor of Zoos Greek Iced Tea is an enjoyable addition to the lineup.


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