Zota Green Tea Soda

by Zota Soda Company

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Zota Green Tea Soda

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Zota tastes great, because its made from organic ingredients, all natural flavors and colors. It is a little less sweet and lightly carbonated, plus it is made with green tea.

Recently Reviewed


This is without a doubt the best application of Zota’s combination of green tea and traditional soda...


As a small-batch “Cola Nut” flavored cola, this isn’t bad at all: sweet and herbal up front, not too...


Wekiwa is, according to the Zota web site, a cross between a grapefruit and a tangelo. While we’ve n...


We know that orange is a color as well as a flavor, but we think that when something says “orange so...


It’s strange that Zota could bungle their orange flavor so badly and then turn around and develop su...


This product is, unfortunately, nearly tasteless. It has a lightly sweet, barely citric, clean finis...

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