Supplier News

Interroll Debuts New MSC 50 Magnetic Speed Controller to Optimize Gravity Roller Conveyor Operation at PACK EXPO 2016

Developed in response to the demand for a more efficient and cost-effective material handling systems, Interroll’s MSC 50 is a technically and economically superior solution, and the first of its kind in the industry. The MSC 50 is easy-to-install, maintenance-free, and boasts a host of useful features that together deliver process reliability and attractive ROI.

Research Confirms GanedenBC30 Probiotic Helps Protein Digestion

The findings are being released less than two months after Ganeden's 24th study was published, confirming that the patented and science-backed strain enhances the body's utilization of animal-based protein and helps with muscle recovery.

Evergreen Packaging Launches Consumer Awareness Campaign

The campaign will educate consumers on the role packaging plays in preserving freshness, offer consumers tips, recipes and carton facts on Choose Cartons' Facebook page, the home of all things cartons – the recyclable, renewable, and reliable fresh beverage packaging choice.

GLG Produces New Stevia Reb C Varietal

Through its continued development of its Reb C Gold varietal, GLG has produced a Reb C varietal with unprecedented levels of Reb C - over 79% - relative to total steviol glycosides or "TSG".

PepsiCo Extends Funding for Senomyx Natural Sweet Taste Program

Under the amended and restated agreement, Senomyx granted PepsiCo non-exclusive rights to natural sweeteners and natural flavor ingredients discovered, developed and selected under the collaboration for use in all non-alcoholic beverage categories

Kombucha Network Launches New Website

Kombucha Network intends to highlight a free, comprehensive directory of brewers to help consumers connect with the growing numbers of producers --- and find out where to buy their favorites and learn more the people behind this trend.

Tetra Pak Releases Report on 100 Percent Juice

The market for 100 percent juice should return to growth despite global economic slowdown and the recent debate around sugar, according to Tetra Pak’s 100% Juice Index report.

Aran Extends Product Shelf Life With New Packaging

Several value-added capabilities support Aran’s improved shelf-life solutions including AranFlex™, an advanced thermal lamination technology, which ensures precision layer adhesion by heat without the use of adhesives or solvents.