BevNET TV: Sambazon Innovates, Paves Path to Mainstream

As one of a handful of companies that pioneered the acai drink category, Sambazon is well aware of the competitive advantages gained from innovating with on-trend ingredients, but perhaps more importantly, how best to package and market new and innovative beverages. The company’s strategy aligns mounting consumer demand for healthy and natural drinks with a variety of daypart uses while leaning on Sambazon’s positioning as a marketer of Amazonian “superfoods.”

BevNET TV: Discussing Suja, HPP at Expo West

Leaning on high-pressure processing (HPP) as a way to bring its super-premium juices to a growing class of health-focused consumers, Suja has quickly emerged as significant player in the rapidly expanding field of raw juice companies.

BevNET TV: Expo West 2013 – Introducing NEO Energy

With its most recent launch, NEO North America is doubling down on its bid to become a significant player in natural beverages. Among Expo West’s vast sea of products, NEO North America debuted NEO Energy, a certified organic energy drink made with guarana, ginseng, green tea extracts and B-vitamins, fused with electrolytes and sweetened with cane sugar.

BevNET TV: Harmless Harvest Launches Innovative “Raw” Tea

It was nearly two years ago when Harmless Harvest launched a first-of-its-kind “raw” and organic coconut water, in which the company utilized high pressure processing (HPP), instead of pasteurization, as a means of delivering not only a safe product, but one that retained the flavor profile and nutrients of the liquid closer its original form. Today, Harmless Harvest has once again turned to HPP to launch an innovative line of organic, cold-brewed tea drinks.

BevNET TV: AQUAhydrate Gets Famous

Attention grocery and convenience store retailers: you may soon find yourself having a face-to-face meeting with the celebrity rapper, actor, and fashion maven known simply as “Diddy.” In short, he wants to sell you water. On Wednesday, Sean “Diddy” Combs and actor/producer Mark Wahlberg took the stage at a recent press conference to officially announce their involvement in enhanced water brand AQUAHydrate and their roles in driving business strategy and retail development of the brand.

Video: BevNET’s 2012 Year in Review

In this short video, we’ve compiled a month by month timeline of the headlines and news stories that shaped our coverage in 2012 and look to have a significant impact on ingredient trends, marketing, government regulation, and financing deals in the months to come.

BevNET TV: Chia\Vie at Expo East 2012

With chia category leaders Mamma Chia and GT’s – which makes a chia seed and kombucha blend – continuing to grow in natural in hybrid retail channels, and an expanding field of chia beverage brands and established beverage companies such as Lifeway Kefir introducing chia-infused line extentions, Chia\Vie is hoping that two recent moves will be key to maintaining momentum for the brand, while at the same time keeping up with competition.

BevNET TV: Catching Up with Seth Goldman of Honest Tea

In this video filmed on-location at Expo West 2013, BevNET CEO John Craven spoke with Honest Tea co-founder and TeaEO Seth Goldman about Honest Splash and why the company chose to launch with an exclusive deal at Target, and how the brand fits into Coke’s bottling and distribution system. Goldman also dished on the response and interest in Honest Fizz from retailers and distributors at the show, and spoke about recent accelerated growth within the company’s core tea line.

BevNET TV: Emerging Trends, New Products at 2013 Expo West

Whether a first-time attendee or grizzled veteran of Natural Products Expo West, there was a singular feeling felt throughout: the 2013 show was simply mind-boggling in size and scale. Within the cavernous halls of the Anaheim Convention Center, a keen sense of excitement and opportunity filled the air as beverage companies, retailers, distributors and investors looked to take advantage of the rising tide of consumer demand for natural products.

BevNET TV: ZICO Unveils New Products, Package Sizes

On the eve of the 2013 Natural Products Expo West show, ZICO has unveiled a number of new package sizes and products designed to expand its reach among a range of new consumers and retail placements. BevNET visited the company at its headquarters in El Segundo, Calif. to get a first look at its updated line-up of coconut water drinks.

BevNET TV: Brand Updates, Trends at 2013 Winter Fancy Food Show

While the upcoming Natural Products Expo West show will undoubtedly showcase a throng of new beverages and product launches, the 2013 Winter Fancy Foods Show did feature a number of significant line extensions and packaging tweaks as brands looked to establish a solid footing and strong start out of the gate. In our video round-up of the event, we take a look at 19 brands each of which featured news and updates that fall in line with growing trends in the beverage industry.

BevNET TV: NACS 2012 – An Interview with Manoj Bhargava of 5 Hour Energy

“To some extent, we’ve become like WD-40.” – Manoj Bhargava, founder and CEO of Living Essentials, the marketer of 5 Hour Energy. At a glance, it may not be the most elegant of comparisons, but when one considers the utter domination that each product shares over its competitors, the analogy is crystal clear. In the same way that there is no “category” for WD-40, Bhargava considers energy shots to be a one-horse stable.

BevNET TV: A Recap of the 2012 NACS Show – Part 2

Despite the emergence of natural and better-for-you beverages in the c-store channel, in part two of our video recap of the 2012 National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) show, the editorial team discusses how a “back to basics” sensibility was evident throughout the event.