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LOHAS. The acronym, which stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, is a term often used to identify a demographic of consumers that focus on natural and organic living. In this series of videos, Neil Kimberley, the ‎VP Strategy and Brand Development at Essentia Water, describes the origins of LOHAS and explains how the concept has become a key reference point in marketing strategies for natural and organic brands.

“It’s had a big impact in snack foods, but also in juice products, water products, tea products, and processes whereby those brands and products are actually created and brought to the marketplace,” Kimberley said.

Kimberley, a veteran of a number of large food and beverage companies, including The Hershey Co., Cadbury Schweppes and Snapple, recently sat down with BevNET FBU to offer much more on the development of consumer brands, with a focus on how to most effectively utilize research and ways to build and frame a new food or beverage category.


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