Sr. Brewer - Delhi India

Indian based craft beer company

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We are in the process of starting a new craft beer company in the worlds most exciting & fastest growing beer market - India. 

We are seeking a Sr. brewer with at least 5 years of experience in the craft beer sector, must have through understanding of receipes, product formulations and production processes for creating a variety of wheat beers, ales, lagers and stouts.  Also should have a good understanding of brewery engineering and will be able to advise management team on technical aspects of the brewery, fermentation and production processes.  Also must be able to train junior brewers and assist with skills transfer to our team - so communication skills and a "mentoring" attitude will be essential. 

This will be a 6-12 month assignment, but could last longer depending on your appetite for adventure! If you've dreamed about advancing your brewing skills and creating your own brands in an exciting & exotic place, than this jobs for you!