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Crosstrails Brewing Company

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Who We Are

Crosstrails Brewing Company is a start-up microbrewery and pub in the suburbs of Kansas City.  We are located in Olathe (O-Lay-the) Kansas, which is an old Shawnee Indian word for Beautiful.  Olathe was the crossing of three historic trails, the California, Oregon, and Santa Fe Trails, and is the home of Garmin, and one of the fastest growing moderate sized cities in America.  Kansas City is known for jazz, great schools, sports and BBQ!  We’re in search of a passionate and professional individual to serve as Head Brewer who desires creative control and a willingness to explore the new frontier trails of craft beer.   

Duties and Responsibilities

• Contribute to the immediate planning and design of the brewery and brewpub and selecting of brewing equipment

• Develop traditional and creative recipes including our future Exploration Series and New Frontier Limited Release Series

• Establish a cool-ship and barrel-aging program that incorporates secondary fermentation 

• Perform daily job duties including, but not limited to: CIP, malt milling, operating brew house, wort transfers, yeast pitching, fermentation monitoring, filtration, general cleaning, beer tasting

  • Implement a yeast management program

• Educate customers and community members

• Develop and follow standard operating procedures for brewing processes and cellar operations

• Lead Crosstrails Brewing Company’s brewing process and staff in a safe and efficient manner

• Ensure the highest level of beer quality, production efficiency, and product innovation

• Contribute to product sales, marketing, and other business roles

• Lead continuous process improvement efforts

• Procure, receive, process, and monitor raw materials, including water, to keep production running smoothly

• Maintain inventory and ensure supply of all brewhouse materials and equipment

• Work with lab technicians to ensure Crosstrails Brewing Company product meets standards of the highest quality  

• Think creatively about resources usage and minimization, including by-product recycling and reuse

• Maintain Clean-In-Place (CIP) sanitation in all areas of the brew house

• Management responsibilities include: interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems; ensuring adherence to safety policies and procedures at all times.

• Create and uphold Crosstrails Brewing Company culture

Qualifications and Requirements

• Passionate about brewing, from traditional to creative styles, and a willingness to explore new frontiers

• High school diploma or equivalent, with a certificate or other advanced education in the brewing process.  A four-year degree, or equivalent, in Chemistry and/or Fermentation Sciences is preferred

  • Five or more years brewing experience.  The candidate should possess a strong understanding of all areas of brewing science and of general production metrics of success

• Deep understanding of all aspects of beer production

• Proven ability to be a highly energetic leader

• Strong negotiation and written and verbal communication skills

• Strong understanding of historical beer styles, their flavor profiles, and a proven ability to create them  

• Recipe design experience, including fresh hops, wild yeast, other fermentation agents, and varying ingredients

• Understanding of hop and barley selection, the growing and malting process, and hop farm operations is strongly desired

• A demonstrated ability to work with automated processes interface, process control instrumentation, as well as manual brewery operations, is required

• Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Suite

Salary and Benefits

• Equity ownership incentives

• Competitive salary commensurate with skills and experience

• Medical and other benefits

• Involvement in building the brewery and business from the ground up

• Opportunity for personal and professional growth beyond beer making

Please submit resume and cover letter to dkempin1364@gmail.com by April 1st, 2018.