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CUBA Beverage Company started with a simple concept of Healthy, Clean, Natural and Refreshing. Hundreds of beverages contain High Fructose Corn Syrups and/or Artificial Sugars. We knew the alternative and wanted it make it a choice to consumers.

Additionally, global lifestyles are moving away from traditional "soft drinks" towards energy-based products. The change is there, we just want to make it healthier. CUBA provides a boost of energy without the common "Caffeine Jitters" from Energy Drinks. This is due to CUBA Herbal Energy Juice containing less than 1mg of NATURALLY occurring Caffeine per serving (12oz).

CUBA Herbal Energy Juice represents the perfect use of simplicity in nature. Every can provides 60mg of Ginseng, 90mg of Guarana, 90mg of Yerba Mate and 15mg of Green Tea Extract in each serving. CUBA Herbal Energy Juice's ALL NATURAL fruit juices and naturally active plant micronutrients make it a refreshing choice for maintaining a balanced, active lifestyle.

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