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glacéau cracked the code when it launched vitaminwater10 earlier this year with four great-tasting, low-calorie varieties: xxx (acai-blueberry-pomegranate), essential (orange-orange), energy (tropical citrus) and multi-v (lemonade). taking the best of nature and science, it put its hydrology experts back to work to quench desires for even more. the answer? four completely new varieties that offer great flavor and function to get consumers through the day.

please welcome the newest glacéau family members:

• vitaminwater10 go-go (mixed berry): contains 250 milligrams of ribose, 100% vitamin c, 25% vitamin e and four b vitamins per bottle, because every day is a marathon. go-go (mixed berry) is formulated to give a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to help reach the daily finish line.

• vitaminwater10 mega-c (grape raspberry): formulated with 250% vitamin c, 25% zinc, plus four b vitamins per bottle, to help keep immune systems running and bodies fighting the good fight to stay healthy.

• vitaminwater10 revitalize (green tea): it can’t give back childhoods, but it can load one up with 140 milligrams of protective antioxidants like vitamin c, egcg and green tea polyphenols per bottle. protective antioxidants can help to support metabolism and immune system to fight those “aging” free radicals.

• vitaminwater10 recoup (peach-mandarin): armed with 100% vitamin b3, b5, b6 and b12, per bottle, plus 100% vitamin c, because recoup (peach-mandarin) was created to help cope with whatever life throws.

yep, now there are eight varieties of the 10 calorie per serving, naturally sweetened and great tasting good stuff (aka vitaminwater10). all eight varieties – xxx (acai-blueberry-pomegranate), energy (tropical citrus), multi-v (lemonade), essential (orange-orange), go-go (mixed berry), mega-c (grape raspberry), revitalize (green tea), and recoup (peach-mandarin) have at least 100% vitamin c and 25% of four b vitamins per 20oz bottle. and, it doesn’t stop there! each variety is formulated with key nutrients to deliver a specific functionality. vitaminwater10 is available in 20-ounce bottles at a suggested retail price of $1.49.

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