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Founded by Jaden Smith in 2015 in response to spotting plastic bottles and pollution, JUST Water is disrupting the water category through the lens of sustainability from the way it sources 100% spring water from Glens Fall, NY to the bottle its sold in. Each JUST water bottle is made up of 82% renewable resources designed to leave behind a much smaller carbon footprint than bottles made entirely of plastic. The blue bottles, which elicit an undeniable cool factor, are made of paper from certified forests and even the plastic cap is made from Brazilian sugarcane which makes the entire product 100% recyclable.

Company News

Expo West 2018 Video: Will and Jaden Smith On Building JUST Water

Speaking at Natural Products Expo West 2018, Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith discussed their work as investors and co-founders of JUST Water, a bottled water brand that comes in 82 percent recyclable packaging.

JUST Water Announces B Corporation Certification

JUST water has received an official B Corporation Certification. Maintaining and upholding rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, this milestone places the brand in league with other notable B Corps within just two years since its initial launch.

Carton Waters Take Different Routes to Growth

Although they still only make up a fraction of the category, innovation and unique marketing strategies within the paper-packaged sector are driving growth and attracting loyal, socially-conscious consumers, banking on millennials to lead the charge.

Press Clips: Coke Offers $1M for Sweetener Innovations

Coca-Cola offers $1 million for new artificial sweetener innovations; Soda tax thwacks Chicago's suburbs; Will Smith plugs JUST Water on James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke"; NPR takes a look at the rise of seltzer; Bai seeks a more mature brand image.

JUST Water Announces Exclusive Partnership with Houston Zoo

Guests now have two choices when purchasing water at the zoo – an aluminum reusable water bottle (pre-filled with water) or a JUST Water recyclable, paper-based water bottle at any of the restaurants or kiosks. JUST Water bottles are made up of 82% renewable resources, leaving behind a much smaller carbon footprint than bottles made entirely of plastic.

JUST water Launches Six-Pack with Stop & Shop

JUST water was launched in single bottles late 2015. Based on strong uptake by consumers resulting in earlier than anticipated demand for multi-pack purchases, JUST was able to respond quickly by introducing a six-pack. The new six-pack contains the same 16.9-ounce JUST water bottles, in a JUST signature light blue recyclable case, and retails at Stop & Shop for $6.29.

JUST water is 100% spring …