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7-11 sandwich supply glass model?

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  • 7-11 sandwich supply glass model?

    I read this article about how 7-11 supplies sandwiches
    and salads to it's regional stores. I thought that perhaps
    this model of just in time production and delivery could work for glass
    soda pop bottles in some of the bigger US cities. Just a thought.

    Local distributor finds its fortune in prepared sandwiches and salads for 7-Eleven.
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    My guess is that JIT inventory on soda is not going to work. A bottling facility is most effecient when it is running at capacity. The Soda can last quite along time in storage with out having to worry about spoilage. A sandwich has a shelf life of about 2-3 days tops. It has to be JIT. Plus, factor in the volume you will be doing on the soad end as compared to the sandwich end.
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      They don't tell you the negative side of the story, though.

      Franchisees were FORCED to go to this system. Ones with successful in-house sub and sandwich shops were required to shut those operations down, and go with the premade ones.

      I just can't get excited about those cellophane wrapped sandwiches.


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        I would take a premade the day before cellophane wrapped sandwich over the ones we have here in 7-11s. We have the frozen for a couple of months in a big warehouse, then shipped to the store to be put in their freezer until needed. Then there is the day or so in the cold vault to thaw before they are finally put in the window with a 3-4 day "shelf life" on them to insure "freshness".
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          Just remembering.
          The old 7-11 deli counters (sandwiches and salads) at least by my neck
          of the woods were one food inspection short of being closed down. LOL
          I never would consider eating a deli sandwich.

          The new cellophane sandwiches are fresh (I mean extremly fresh bread and meat). They taste like a real good (hearty) sandwich. The egg salad sandwiches are awesome. The price is right....$3 or so.

          In a pinch or a destination craving......I'm a 7-11 sandwich man and
          a Coke Slurpee maniac. LOL
          Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba