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    Can anybody tell me why people drink beer that comes all the way from mexico? I know it cant be for the taste. I mean really. the beer cant taste very good if you have to shove lime wedges in it to kill the taste.
    Stop being a victom of advertising. America has so many local beers available aside from the big guys.
    Bottoms up to my american beer buddies [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    corona is america's number one import. it's the trend. corona portray's itself as a fun beer that reminds you of the beach. like a canadian pontoon boat salesman once told me, "it's like a vacation in a bottle." he said that about red stripe (a much better beer) but it fits.

    corona is the mexican busch as far as i've been told, and there are much more "realistic" and "better" mexican beers out there, such as the modelo line and sol.

    even then, drinking american or canadian beer is a good thing. i mean, not hamm's or schlitz or pabst or goebel, but other stuff. good stuff. it's out there, you just have to find it.
    woot woot


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      Corona, et al, plys 2 different markets in the US. In California, Texas, etc, its sold at a low price to Mexicans (legal and illegal). In the rest of the country, it sold, at a high priece, to yuppies as the latest trend. That adds up to a big market.

      As to the "good ole USA" stuff, the country is harmed more by unemployment in Mexico than of some fat union slug in St. Louis. If I can buy a little beer and keep some of those people working (and down there) then that is good for everybody.


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        corona brewery employees does not even total a fraction of the ppl living in mexico and that is not going to stop them from coming here. i dont mind them coming here because this land is open to working individuals around the world who want to live thier far as the american beers i was refering to the smaller guys in the industry such as micro brewers whome have studied the art of brewing beer and want to live thier dreams by putting smiles on the faces of americans with thier products and employing americans.
        when are we going to wake up and start worrying about americas issues and people and stop putting our noses in other countries issues and paying them billions of dollars in aid which does not get paid back. perhaps if it were broken down on your pay check stub into a new category called "foriegn aid" you might think twice about who you worry about and where you live.

        by the way, corona is more than half owned by anhieser busch and when thier contract is up it will be 100% AB.


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          Corona just taste good. Trust me, I enjoy a great local microbrewed IPA or Red. But Corona tastes great and does bring along the party feeling with it. Its like going to Vegas, why spend the extra money to stay at a big resort/casino when the Motel 6 has some slots in their motel? You want the feeling that comes with it. I don't like SOL more than Corona, but it is equally big in Mexico. Many retail blocks in Major cities in Mexico are painted by either Corona or Sol.
          Corona may be Mexicos biggest import, but thats fine. Drinking it has nothing to do with keeping people employed or not, trust me, if you knew how things worked down there, the people involved have no problem with keeping or lossing jobs. Corona is just a good, light tasting beer, in a long neck bottle, and brings with it a party feeling. Maybe that comes form the media, so then I guess I owe them credit cause they did a good job.


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            wow, i'm so glad that i could make my own decisions. all of the sudden my ego has been inflated by corona drinkers. thanks guys i owe it all to you [img]smile.gif[/img]


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              corona's more than half owned by barton beers. do your research.

              barton also imports beers such as beck's.
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                oh, and a good portion of corona (or cervezeria modelo) is also owned by gambrinius out of houston or dallas, tx.
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                  So if I have made you feel better, does that make me a roll model, or more of a guru??


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                    a roll model?no....a guru?...definitly not.