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Anyone know where to get Captain Morgans Gold?

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  • Anyone know where to get Captain Morgans Gold?

    wanted to get some of this stuff,kinda enjoyed it.. had a weird taste.

    i know its cancelled, but theres gotta be tons of it somewhere


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    guiness-bass usa, the company that made smirnoff ice and captain morgan's gold has recalled it all. we poured out two pallets that we recovered from stores and the rest we sent back (still unopened) to guiness.
    woot woot


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      It's funny how all of those types of beverages went under so quick. After I tasted Captain Morgan's Gold I knew it wouldn't last long. It was like drinking maple syrup.


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        there were a few other lemonades that went under

        caribbean twist

        there were some others.

        the only ones i still see are:

        smirnoff ice/twisted.
        skyy blue (next to be canceled)
        mike's hard.
        stolichniya (next to be canceled)
        sauza diablo (next to be canceled)
        jack daniel's hard cola (next to be canceled)
        woot woot


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          There was an article in our local paper several months ago that said a company had gotten itself into environmental trouble for illegally abandoning a large amount of CM Gold instead of disposing of it in an environmentally safe way. IIRC, it was just left rotting at a farm!

 could buy a whole truckload of it, but it expires 1-1-04 so you'd better have someone to help you drink it!


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            my distributor sent back 40 pallets of that crap. 40 pallets. guinness bass had to send like 5 trucks over to our place.
            woot woot


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              there were a few other lemonades that went under
              Too many wannabee products, just like the energy drinks, dry beer, clear beer, ice beer, etc.

              Also, some of the coolers (especially those named after hard liquor products like Smirnoff, Skyy, etc.) might have been loss leaders to encourage "trading up" to the more expensive drinks. "Hey, that Captain Morgan's Gold tasted good last night....think I'll try some of their rum!"


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                dammit, never was able to get any of this.. contacted those people that had mass amounts of it for sale, never got a response.


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                  We are now distributing a malternative product called MARGARITA ICE.
                  My counterparts and myself are extremely excited about this line!
                  Margarita Ices packaging is very simular to Jose! The first year it was out (only in Texas) they broke 100k case mark.
                  Hate to sound like SUM people, but this line will give the consumer an option, insteed of the same ole same ole malternative!
                  Margarita Ice is a great tasting beverage, unlike some lines that are no longer around, it has an awesome color to it (clear pale green). Also it will be availible in 16 oz pet bottles in May.

                  Diversity is always a good thing!


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                    Tell that to RB! 8oz. cans only? Crazy... your right Toby diversity always a good thing.


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                      I was talking about MARGARITA ICE ... my new Maternative beverage and edude seems to somehow bring RB into the topic?

                      WOW...thats all I can say.

                      any questions or comments about Margarita Ice I welcome both.