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What's the best beer you've ever had?

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  • What's the best beer you've ever had?

    I'm not sure I could narrow it down to just one beer - since there are many different varieties that I've really enjoyed. Some of the beers are best with a certain type of food and some are simply refreshing and delicious.

    Not counting brewpubs, among my favorites are:

    1. Erlanger - from Jos Schlitz Co. This beer hasn't been brewed (to my knowledge) since Schlitz was sold to Stroh. It was a fantastic beer though - brewed in accordance to the centuries-old Bavarian law (4 ingredients only).

    2. Sam Adams - Boston Beer Co. I love their regular lager. (I actually like all of their products - so far.)

    3. Brooklyn Lager. It's somewhat difficult to find, but it's very much like Sam Adams.

    4. Killians Red - Coors Brewing Co. I actually liked it better when it was an ale, but the current version is still very good.

    5. Lowenbrau - Miller Brewing Co. I used to love this beer - then Miller changed the recipe and I stopped drinking it. Recently I bought Lowenbrau and discovered that the old recipe was back (or this wasn't brewed here in the states) because it was fantastic.

    6. Yuengling's Black and Tan - A really good, easy to drink beer.

    7. Fosters - Smooth, easy drinking beer.

    8. Michelob Honey Lager - I love the taste. Nothing like it on a hot summer's day.

    9. Dos Equis - Excellent beer from Mexico

    10 - Tecate - another excellent beer from Mexico.

    11. Budweiser - my favorite domestic beer.

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    Golden Molsen !!! Best Beer I have ever had!

    I love Miller products too!!! The Ultra is my second favorite!!!


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      I'd agree on the Molson - it's good stuff.

      There are some Miller products that I simply don't like - Lite and Meister Brau are two that come to mind.


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        My favorite Canadian beers: Molson Export, Moosehead Pale Ale & lager, Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale

        Import: Bass, Guiness

        BTW edude, it's Molson Golden. Easy on the Canadian beer, it's not watered-down


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          Sorry had a few too many!!!


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            Lake Tahoe Red
            Moylans Kilt Lifter
            Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
            Lost Coast Brewing Great White


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              I would have to say that my 4 favorites are
              Sam Adams
              Fat Tire
              Coors Light


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                I forgot about Moosehead - it's an excellent beer. I haven't tried Keiths India Pale Ale - it sounds tempting. Is it a local brand?

                Guinness is another excellent beer - though I can't drink very many of them.

                I've had Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - long ago. I don't really recall my thoughts on it though. I think I must have liked it - otherwise I'd probably remember more about it.

                Is that the beer that has all sorts of yeast, etc.. floating on the bottom of the bottle?

                I'm assuming that the other beers (mentioned by Ron) are local beers for him. I like the sound of the Moylan's beer.

                What is Fat Tire like? Is that a Chicago beer?

                Is Olde Style still a big seller in Chicago? I know that it was the number 1 beer (in Chicago) 20+ years ago.

                G. Heilman used to brew a beer that was sold in a green bottle. It was a super premium beer (priced with Michelob) - but I don't recall the name. It too was a very good beer.


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                  Fat Tire!! wow..wish I could sell that here in N.E.!!!
                  How bout ROCKIES BREWING CO.s HAZED AND INFUSED ALE? Thats a really good one.
                  Ever been to Key West...have a SUNSET ALE. Thats a good one as well.
                  For the folks here in N.E. I like GEARYS (Ale, London Porter, and the Hampshire Special)

                  Imports, Harp and OLD SPECKLED HEN I truly enjoy.


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                    Taht..fat tire in out of Col. they will never go east of the MISS River.
                    Ya know the whole carrot on a stick thing.

                    However its REALLY GOOD BEER!!


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                      I'll have to remember Fat Tire then - my family is from the midwest and I usually visit once a year (or so).

                      I was in KC last NOV and tried a local wheat beer there. I don't recall the name, but it was absolutely wonderful. It had all sorts of chafe floating in it. It wasn't a light colored beer - just slightly less dark than a Sam Adams. My brother made venison chili and we drank a 12 pack of the wheat beer with it - what a fantastic combination.


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                        Tahts, Alexander Keiths is brewed in Halifax (since 1820). It's an excellent beer. Anyone visiting Halifax should tour the old brewery, I did a couple years ago and it was a good time.

                        Link to Alexander Keiths brewery


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                          Thanks for the link. Do you ever go to the birthday celebration? That sounds like a blast.

                          Is Keith's available in the US? I didn't see anything about distribution on the site - though I did read about their seasonal beers (available only in NS - damn, damn, damn..)

                          The small town I grew up in was originally a German settlement. We (the town) celebrated Oktoberfest every year with German costumes, bands, food and beer...... It was always a blast and the beer was simply unbelievably good.

                          One of my goals in life is traveling to Germany - just to drink their beer.


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                            Speaking of German Beer....ya ever tryed or heard of SPRECHER in Wi.?

                            Theie HEFE WEISS is awesome!!

                            not to mention a great line of soda!


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                              Sprecher is a great beer and a great root beer